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Northcrest was established 50 years ago by forward-thinking individuals whose visionary planning has ensured that retirement years at Northcrest are more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

Locally owned with decades of successful operation, Northcrest is more than a community - it exudes small town charm. Northcrest offers the physical, social and professional network to inspire active independence, yet encourage new relationships and a passion for life.
Through our unique, total Life-Care approach, our residents enjoy all the amenities of carefree independent living - as well as the ultimate in peace of mind and security.
The housing choices are distinctly, uniquely Northcrest. Residents may select from a variety of elegant properties and living arrangements to fit their unique way of life. Choose a spacious one- or two-bedroom townhome complete with fireplace, finished lower level, two baths, garage and other amenities.
Other choices include your selection of one of our spacious, uniquely shaped Northcrest apartments, each designed with its own individual deck or patio, plus wonderful ambient lighting from clerestory windows.
Apartments are arranged in mini-neighborhoods of six, each with its own atrium area for socializing and entertaining. The mini-neighborhoods connect with each other through glass- enclosed walkways to showcase the beauty of the setting and provide easy access to services. All of our living options are constructed with the highest quality furnishings and fittings, designed for accessibility and convenience.


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