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Life-Care Difference

 Why should I move to Northcrest?

Moving to Northcrest is a choice that provides you with carefree independent living for the rest of your life; free of the burdens of home maintenance, lawn care and snow removal. Northcrest offers you the opportunity to pursue activities that perhaps you didn’t previously have the time to do; volunteering, attending College for Seniors, playing bridge, bowling, golfing or attending the numerous events available at Iowa State.   

Moving to Northcrest provides you with an extended family of residents and staff that creates our unique atmosphere of home. The most important reason and the most beneficial reason for you to move to Northcrest, is the total Life-Care commitment that we make to each and every resident.

Residents with Life-Care contracts enjoy the full amenities, services and quality of lifestyle provided at Northcrest with added peace of mind because their financial resources are protected from the huge expense of any long term care that may become necessary in later years.  At Northcrest the Life-Care contract requires an entrance endowment and subsequent monthly fees that vary with the type of townhome or apartment chosen by the resident(s). 

What does Life-Care mean to me?

Northcrest makes a huge commitment to everyone who moves here and no matter what happens, we will be here to meet your physical and financial needs. When you come to Northcrest through independent living, you have a home for the rest of your life. We find that most people want to stay in their apartments as long as possible before moving to the Health Care Center. Therefore, if you would need some additional assistance with daily living, we offer our own Home Health Care services that will help you stay in your apartment longer.  

The Health Care Center is also available for short stays that might be required for situations such as recuperation from a hospital stay. If and when you do move to the Health Care Center on a permanent basis, the monthly fee that you are paying for your apartment is the fee that follows you to the Health Care Center. In addition to that monthly fee, we charge for the three meals per day and snacks provided to you.


1 BR apartment monthly fee            $ 1490

Meal charge                                      $   770 

Total                                                  $ 2260 


Compare this to $7,000 or $8,000 per month in a nursing home that may offer only semi-private rooms. At Northcrest, all but one of our rooms are private. 

Northcrest realizes that some people may out-live their assets. If that happens, the Life-Care commitment provides financial support to the resident. No one is ever asked to leave Northcrest because of lack of funds.


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