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Northcrest Generations, Matthews Family

When Ron & Dee Matthews joined the Northcrest Family as residents, they knew firsthand about the exceptional services offered by the staff at Northcrest. Ron’s mother has been a resident for several years.

“We made the move early, when we could make our own decisions. We wanted our sons and their families to be free of having to assume responsibility for us.”

Son, Mitch, agrees, “I am also impressed by the level of care Grandma gets. She’s treated like family and we see that.”





The Matthews share their experience of this vital, active community. 

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Active Independence, Rowena Hurlbut


I don't feel I've given up any of my independence.  As a business owner, I was gone all day.  I felt it was time to be in a place where mowing the lawn and shoveling the snow was taken care of while I was gone--it's so much easier.  I don't even have to worry about repairs in my home. 

I was beginning to feel isolated in my own house.  I like the fact that Northcrest apartments are grouped together in atriums.  We feel like a neighborhood--it's very nice.  We're like a little family! 

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